Humberto Cornejo

The Company
Sastreria Cornejo was founded in 1920 by Humberto Cornejo and is nowadays one of the most important companies worldwide for wardrobe rental. Since it’s foundation, Cornejo keeps it’s family character.

Since the beginning, the most important Spanish and International stylists and wardrobe designers have visited Cornejo for costume renting and dressmaking for their productions.

In the main building, which has a surface area of 3.000 m2, we have our offices and tailoring workshops where our professionals carry out an elaborate dressmaking creative process which involves measurements, material election, last decorations and final touches.

Moreover, Cornejo owns eight warehouses used to store wardrobe and footwear which keep growing due to the constant arrival of new garments which increase the quantity and quality of our wide stock.

Throughout it's extensive experience, Cornejo has participated in several films which have been awarded with prizes like the Oscar, the Goya, the Cesar and the Bafta in categories such as Best Costume Design.

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