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Sastrería Cornejo, is an emblematic company located in Madrid which offers their clients all kinds of fancy dresses, evening dresses, academic gowns and cinema, theatre and television wardrobe.

We are located in:

C/ Rufino González, 4 bis
28037 – Madrid
Telephone. 91 375 72 90
Metro Station. Line 5 - Stop: Suances

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Tailor's shop skilled in cinema, theatre, opera, musicals and television wardrobe.

We make and rent wardrobe for Epiphany Parades, tematic parties and advertising events.

We rent and sell academic gowns por doctorate investitures, degrees, graduations and other academic ceremonies.

We make and rent evening dresses for men and offer custom-made Tuno (Member of a Tuna) costumes.


PROFESSIONALS / PRODUCTION COMPANIES Any professional may request our tailoring and/ or renting services which include personal attention at different levels: advising, styling and project support.Cornejo will always require the following information.

Documentation/ Wardrobe lists: Cornejo works with previous documentation and wardrobe lists depending on the project requested in order to prepare the costumes for rent.

Measurements and/or sizes: Cornejo requires measurements and sizes information in order to verify the availability of costumes for rent.

Previous appointment: Our clients may visit our warehouse and be served by our team of prefessionals by scheduling an appointment by phone.

Terms of payment.

  • 1. Cornejo requires the pay out of the 50% of the total amount, once the budget has been aproved, in order to begin the wardrobe preparation.
  • 2.Previously agree a different payment system and possible discounts for the rental of a certain amount of costumes and the period of utilization.

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