La mala educación

In 1980 Madrid, Ignacio Rodriguez lands on the doorstep of his childhood friend, Enrique Goded, a man he has not seen in sixteen years since the day Enrique was expelled from school. Enrique is now a famous filmmaker, Ignacio an aspiring actor with the stage name Angel Andrade. Angel, who as a child loved writing, has a semi-autobiographical manuscript in hand, which he hopes, unspoken, that Enrique will turn into a screenplay and cast him in one of the major roles. The manuscript primarily tells the story of their friendship at St. John's catholic school, which included their first sexual experience with each other; Ignacio's relationship with Father Manolo, the principal and literature teacher of the school; and Ignacio's fantasy encounter with Father Manolo as an adult. In meeting Angel, Enrique sees a man different than what he imagined Ignacio to be, almost unrecognizable. Father Manolo may be able to shed some light on the difference that Enrique notices.

Spanish films
Pedro Almodóvar
Paco Delgado
Gael García Bernal, Fele Martínez, Javier Cámara, Juan Fernández, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Lluis Homar, Alberto Ferreiro, Fran Boira, Paco Maestre, Nacho Pérez, Raúl García, Petra Martínez, Leonor Watling
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