Henri IV

Based on two novels by Heinrich Mann (brother of Thomas), this rollicking biopic of Henry of Navarre––later the much-loved King Henry IV of France––celebrates a life whose defining act was declaring religious freedom for all in 1598 after years of Catholic/Protestant strife. Treacherously summoned to Paris to marry Marguerite, daughter of the dowager queen Catherine de Medici and sister to three French kings, Henry discovers that the real reason for the marriage is not to unite the two warring sects, but to lure unsuspecting Protestants into the city where they are infamously massacred on St. Bartholomew’s Day. After a lifetime on the battlefield, Henry––played by the ruggedly handsome Julien Boisselier––is ill-equipped for the fripperies and etiquette of court life as exemplified in the person of Marguerite’s effeminate brother, D’Anjou. He finds himself facing endless intrigues and betrayals before he eventually succeeds to the French throne, from which he attempts to forge a state founded on humanist principles. .

International films
Jo Baier
Gerhard Gollnhofer
Julien Boisselier, Joachim Krol, Roger Casamajor, Andreas Schmidt, David Streisow
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