Tirano banderas

This historical drama, set in the '20s examines the strange, brief reign of a Latin American dictator. It was alternately shot in Havana and Mexico. The story is set in an unspecified Latin country and chronicles the daily life of the tyrannical dictator. One of his day's highlights is the signing of execution orders. His insane daughter must be physically restrained and is tied to her bed. Also included in the tale are a group of picked on Spaniards, a psychic woman, and effeminate Spanish ambassador, and a rebellious general. The film contains no violence.

Spanish films
Jose Luis García Sanchez
Andrea D´odorico
Ignacio Lopez Tarso, Juan Diego, Fernando Guillen, Gian Mª Volonte, Manuel Banderas, Enrique San Francisco, Patricio Contreras, Javier Gurruchaga, Ana Belén, Juan Diego
Goya year 1994
Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
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