1920 The founder
The 60's International launch
The 90’s A global reference
1997-2000 The expansion continues
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The founder

Founded in 1920 by Humberto Cornejo with a small collection of costumes, Sastrería Cornejo has always maintained its familiar character. The business model was carried on by Vicente Cornejo and later generations to turn the firm into what it is today: one of the most important rental and period costume houses in the world.

International launch

In the 60’s, Sastrería Cornejo began its international launch with participation in some of the most important productions of Samuel Bronston in Spain, among others, including El Cid, The Fall of the Roman Empire or 55 days in Beijing. Special mention should be made of the work done with costume designer Phyllis Dalton in Doctor Zhivago, which received an Oscar for best costume design in 1965.

A global reference

In the 90’s, Sastrería Cornejo remained positioned as one of the global references in period costumes and began their journey into French cinema, uninterrupted ever since. From this decade we’d like to highlight their great successes, with movies as renowned as The Horseman on the Roof, Queen Margot (César for best costumes in 1994) or Joan of Arc (César for best costumes in 1999).

The expansion continues

The end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century signify the continuation of expansion and international recognition for Sastrería Cornejo with participation in films like Shakespeare in love (Oscar for best costume design) or Gladiator (Oscar for best costume design).

Meanwhile, they continues their work in Spanish cinema with movies as iconic as The Girl of Your Dreams (Goya for best costume design) or Out of the Wings  (Goya for best costume design).


Lately, Sastrería Cornejo’s period costumes have made appearances in some of the most renowned national and international television series: Game of Thrones, Vikings, Downton Abbey, Poldark, Isabel, etc … Not forgetting their work in major film productions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Cinderella, Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast, Agora or Alatriste.

Throughout Sastrería Cornejo’s journey, their work has appeared in film, theatre and television productions around the world, having been recognised with great international prizes, such as Oscar, César, Goya, etc.

Thanks to this, in addition to the manufacture and subsequent purchase of costumes for important productions (Gladiator, Marco Polo, Maleficent, Exodus, Prince of Persia, Pan, Kingdom of heaven, etc.) Sastrería Cornejo continues to increase their extensive stock of period costumes.

International launch The founder A global reference International launch The expansion continues A global reference Presence The expansion continues
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