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Terms and conditions

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Sastrería Cornejo is not responsible in any way for those contents, commercial activities, including products and services, that could be visualised through electronic links, directly or indirectly, through this website. The presence of links on the website of Sastrería Cornejo, unless expressly stated otherwise, are strictly for informative purposes and by no means propose suggestion, invitation or recommendation of the same. These links do not represent any relationship between Sastrería Cornejo and the individuals or companies that own the websites that can be accessed through these links. Sastrería Cornejo reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw the links that appear on its website at any time.

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Intellectual and industrial property

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Sastrería Cornejo does not transfer ownership of its software to users. The user is the owner of the media on which the software is recorded. Sastrería Cornejo retains all industrial and intellectual property rights including software. If you transfer software from this website to your terminal, you can not dissect it for study, or decompile it, translate the original source code version or its language into another code or language.

The trade name, trademarks, logo, products and services contained in this website are protected by law.

Sastrería Cornejo reserves the right to take legal action against users who violate or infringe intellectual and industrial property rights.

Data protection

Use of this website does not imply that the user is obliged to provide any personal information. In the event that the user provides any personal information, the data collected on this website will be used for the purpose of the form and with the limitations and rights contained in Organic Law 15/1999, Protection of Personal Data. The data provided by the users will be incorporated into the personal files Sastrería Cornejo is responsible for, where they will be stored by Sastrería Cornejo in a confidential way.

Users who provide personal data, unequivocally consent to the incorporation of their data to the files, containing personal data, for which Sastrería Cornejo is responsible, as well as the computerised or non-computerised processing thereof, in order to be used by Sastrería Cornejo, with a commercial, financial, personalisation, operational and statistical purpose and activities specific to its corporate purpose, expressly authorising Sastrería Cornejo’s data extraction, data storage and marketing studies in order to adapt its offers to the individual’s profile. Sastrería Cornejo may retain its data once the entire relationship with the user has terminated in order to comply with legal obligations.

Sastrería Cornejo will proceed to the cancellation of data collected when they are no longer necessary or relevant for the purposes for which they were collected or registered.

In the case that the data collected are used for a different purpose than that for which they were collected will require prior consent by the interested parties.

Sastrería Cornejo has adopted the necessary technical and organisational measures to guarantee the security and integrity of the data, as well as to prevent its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorised access.

Users whose data are subject to processing may freely exercise the rights of opposition, access and information, rectification, cancellation of their data and revocation of their authorisation without retroactive effect in the terms specified in Organic Law 15/1999, Protection of Personal Data, according to the legally established procedures. These rights may be exercised by sending a written communication to the General Registry of Sastrería Cornejo.

At the moment of data collection the voluntary or mandatory nature of the data being collected will be indicated. Refusal to provide the required qualified data will mean the non provision or impossibility of accessing the service for which they were requested. Likewise, data may be voluntarily provided so that the services offered can be more optimally provided.

In the event that users of this website should provide their email address to access some of the services offered, they may declare that they do not wish to receive any type of communications that Sastrería Cornejo may send, provided it is not strictly linked to the purpose for which the service was requested. Sastrería Cornejo will make available to users the appropriate mechanisms to unsubscribe from any mailing list they may have subscribed to within this website.

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Jurisdiction and applicable legislation

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